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What is Traditional Wrestling?

Traditional wrestling is the most known combat sport associated with different physical moves and techniques used for self-defense. The earliest known history of wrestling dates back 5000 years to the days of the Sumerians. Many cultures in different regions have practiced the art of wrestling in recorded human history.

Wrestling training is highly beneficial for developing both mental and physical strength. It helps us to develop a strong physical base through which we can also develop our mental strength by strengthening self-reliance, self-confidence and self-discipline. All of these things are associated with one another. Moreover, the physical training teaches us how to utilize life saving techniques in a self defense situation.

The most focused goal in this traditional martial art is self-defense. Self-defense is necessary for everyone. It can be a great skill for men and women as well as children. A person having wrestling training obviously has a larger physical and mental capacity than a general person having no training.

Suitable for everyone: Anyone can participate. It does not matter how old someone is or their weight. It does not discriminate against gender. Notably it is considered very important that women and children should have training for self-defense.

Development of physical strength: Wrestling is a total body workout. All parts of the body move at once during training. Our body increases flexibility through wrestling as well. Thus our overall body strength and lung capacity becomes developed as the result.

Development of mental skill and capacity: As it is considered, wrestling is the coordination of our physical and mental strength and skill together. With wrestling one can learn how to overcome many obstacles and challenges that will make them mentally stronger and more prepared to take on other challenges of the world.

Self-defense: In present world self-defense has become a very crucial skill to have for everyone. We earn this great skill through wrestling training.

Health consciousness: One of the most important things for a wrestler is maintaining good health. It is very important for wrestlers to be conscious of diet, sleep, nutrition, physical exercise and many more. After experiencing wrestling training, it becomes very clear that training makes us conscious about our health.